We appreciate your interest in the work of Peter Cohen and we want to make it as simple as we can for you to order what you wish. To this end, please familiarize yourself with the following options and restrictions:

Purchasing Reproductions

  • Reproductions of any work hung in the Virtual Galleries are available on demand in either of two formats: (1) as a large-format digital print and (2) as an ultra high quality Giclee print. The pricing you see in the gallery is based on the former. We would be happy to discuss the pricing for Giclee prints with you at your convenience.
  • Prints are available in virtually any size you wish. If the suggested size (listed with each painting in the gallery) does not meet your needs, just give us a call and we'll work out a price based on your preferences.
  • Giclee prints will be signed by the artist.
  • All rights for duplication are reserved by the artist.
  • Prints are unframed and shipped, insured, via priority mail in shipping tubes.
  • Allow two-three weeks for delivery.
  • We take MasterCard and Visa, other methods of payment for reproductions may be requested.


Purchasing Paintings

  • Paintings are available for purchase unless they are marked NFS (not for sale) in the galleries.
  • All rights to reproduction are reserved by the artist. The only exception is if you need to have the work photographed for insurance or for listing in a catalog in preparation to sell the work. You should understand that the artist desires the widest possible viewing of these works, particularly in the Syngamy Series, and intends to sell both the original and as many reproductions as are in demand.
  • Paintings may be viewed prior to sale at the artist's former residence in Stroudsburg, PA. Other arrangements may be available as well.
  • Paintings will be crated and shipped via UPS.
  • Allow two-three weeks for delivery.


Thank you for your interest and please call us at (570) 992-6393 to make your purchase.


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