Peter G. Cohen


The paintings you are about to see are in the artist’s collection. They have survived numerous exhibitions, sales, travels, storage and accident. Now they find a new life and a new audience. The artist is pleased to share his work through the internet and exhibition. He is particularly interested in sharing the wonders of The Dance of Conception with young people, who may participate in this marvel without realizing its magic.

Paintings of Love and Sex form an introduction to his late work, Micro-Visions, based on micrographs of cells and tissues, and the final series, The Dance of Conception. In the latter Cohen provides three dimensional views of the meeting of the gametes from the penetration of the sperm into the ovum to the first mitotic  ring that begins the process of cell division. Working from electron micrographs, Peter Cohen has created a whole new world, which had remained sealed from human vision until the development of the electron microscope.   

Each virtual gallery contains a number of very small scanned images of the artist’s paintings. If you double click on any one of them, you will be able to see a larger image of that painting. You may then wander back and forth through the gallery by clicking on the ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’ buttons at the top of each page. Clicking on ‘Gallery’ will take you back to the Gallery of small images. 

Most of the paintings are for sale and reproductions are available on demand. The section of this web site titled To Order provides more information about obtaining both original works and reproductions. Please feel free to contact the artist’s  son, Daniel Cohen to place orders, make additional inquiries or to reach the artist directly. You may see Peter Cohen's resume by clicking here.


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